Vorsicht - Caution!
Blackdog Casino zahlt Guthaben nicht aus - non-payment of winnings and deposited money


Don't risk your money at Blackdog Casino!

Last balance at Blackdog Casino was $516. Withdraw is impossible because Blackdog Casino was "closed". Out of business. Only this notification to find (as at August 21th, 2004):

Game history partially to find at Casinotest review page and a first note at Casino Forum. More screenshots available. No answer from Blackdog Casino concerning my funds requests. Game client and homepage still was down for about a year or longer time.

But then - what a surprise - Blackdog Casino was back:

Login was not possible. Only new Management and no way to log in with previous user dates? Illogical that a new owner has bought this casino without user dates.

A BlackdogCasino.com manager wrote me: "We acquire BlackDogCasino.com with the dirty name to clean it up we just to be affiliates and forum owners and decide to group and take over this name to raise it up and make it clean and prove that is possible to have a decent running casino online.

Now we don't have access to any of the customers that where here before May 15 2005
but it will be very much appreciated if you tell us what we can do to improve, I that and maybe find a middle ground.

This statement sounds suspect in my mind. Nobody will buy a dubious online casino without database of customers. All other things has no value. Therefore I will caution against Blackdog Casino. Don't risk your money at Blackdogcasino.com